The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-08-17 07:01:20 (UTC)

this morning i smelled of sauteed onions

Well, I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was last time.
I think I've managed to work through most of the stuff I was
upset about, so now I can live my life normally again. Or
something like that.

So anyway, since a bunch of my friends left for college on
Friday, we had a big gathering Thursday night. Pool was
played, Mr. Show was watched, and I experienced Super Smash
Brothers Melee for the first time. I am now hell bent on
somehow getting a Gamecube, though I still don't want to pay

Despite all my complaints over the last year, I'm glad I had
these people for friends. Sure, some of them could be hard
to take at times, and I do wish I'd had more friends, but in
general I think I was probably pretty lucky to fall in with
this lot.

My mother has been on my case about getting my things packed
for college, and I really wish she'd take it easy. If she
just lets me do this, and lends support where it's needed
(preparatory laundry), it should take me maybe four total
hours of work to get everything together.

Most of it will be pretty simple: load up my good clothes
ahead of time and wear crap for the last few days; get the
second set of XL twin sheets acquired, washed, and packed
away; pack up the computer and all related items; and make
sure to snag the necessary supplies, like pens, pencils, and
all that good stuff.

On a completely unrelated note, my room is clean now, which
means available floor space has increased about tenfold.
I'm thinking about putting a computer desk in there for when
I come home from college over summers.

And on an even more unrelated note, I woke up this morning
smelling of the red onions on the sandwich I ate last night.

Anyway, even though I've worked through the unpleasantries
of my social life up to this point, I'm still nervous about
college. I'm about to end up in a strange new world, with
no anchors of familiarity. Of course, I've been in similar
situations; my time in Santa Barbara was one such case.

Still, it's a bit disconcerting to realize that I can't do
much to guarantee any degree of happiness except use my best
judgement and hope things go well.

This is Dave, signing off.