It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-17 06:01:07 (UTC)

let's get a party started and we'll party hard

actually, i saw andrew wk a last week at ozzfest. whoa,
i also saw drowning pool and now the lead singer's dead.
that's so messed up and sucks a helluva lot. they were a
pretty hard band, but the singer wasn't all tryin to make
his voice all..."metalish" if you will. he just sang,
that's what was cool about him. "sinner" is probably one of
there better songs, "tear away" was good too. maybe i
shoulda used a quote from one of those instead of andrew
wk. oh well, fuck it.
looooong day a work. i got this swelled up, dark red
zit under my left eye that's pissing me off. it won't pop
and won't go away. then, i was putting away some 12 pks of
diet coke, they fell over and hit my just under my right
eye. so it looks like i got into a fight and makes me look
stupid. oh well, they'll be gone in a few days. bill and
rich came up to algers a few minutes before i got out.
chuck made me some dinner and we went back to bill for a
bit. we visited mike up at the amoco, then bill wanted
donuts so we went to dunkin donuts. then off course, rich
wanted some porn, so we checked out the porno room at
mammoth...we all walked in there eating donuts. this dude
and his g/f were in there, they left as soon as we got in
we checked out a few titles for probably like 20
minutes, then went back to bills. played some video games,
SNK vs. Capcom then watched that episode of south park when
cartman finds out that you can stuff food up your ass and
poop out your mouth and everyone starts doing it. it was
fuckin disgusting. it was mike's SVCD, so he was at bills.
then we hit up big boy. that was about it. i came home and
here i am. ok then, bed time. wrestling tomorrow. PEACE!


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