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2001-07-13 08:35:29 (UTC)

and others who aren't so lucky [Personal]

My friend Mandi is having problems with her parent. Her
parent doesn't like her boyfriend, though I don't know
why. He's not exactly my favorite person in the world, but
he is a really good guy. Basically, the parent doesn't
want her little girl growing up. She keeps coming back
saying "Look at all the sacrafices I had to make for you."

Well, that's part of being a parent. If you rose children
just so they can take care of you, then raise them that
way. Don't send them to college, keep them home and teach
them to be slaves. The moment you start schooling a child
is the moment you start preparing them to leave you. It's
sad thing to do, though it's something I am looking forward
to. I want my child to have every advantage in the world.
I want him to make every decision in his life his own. If
he wants to make bad decisions, I'll probably do fatherly
things, but I'll still let him do them. It's part of
learning. Half the stuff I remember from my schooling is
stuff I got wrong and learned how to right it.

I feel sorry for Mandi, there is no way for me to to help
her out.

In other news, I have asked Lisa to do something Saturday
night. However, I think it's more as friends, since I
really get the hint she isn't interested. This sucks.
Here's for hoping for now. Since I really have no other
prospects, it really isn't hurting to still go after her.

Sieb is coming back. He thought all of us back home were
foolish and that he was in love. Well, what's your reason
for leaving? You weren't getting much, and you had no
friends. Well, big surprise. Sieb, you need to find the
difference between lust and love. Right now, you are at a
time in your life where you really don't want to love. I
can't believe I'm a catholic youth minister about to say
this, but you need to do some swinging, do some playing.
Go to some parties with Martin. That's what you are
looking for at this time in your life. Either change or go
with it.

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