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2001-07-13 08:25:37 (UTC)

Don't have the time. [Theoretical]

I think one of the things people have a hard time
understanding in life is time. Some people have one good
fraction of a second, and spend the rest of their life
either trying to get back to that moment in time, or
remembering that moment in time.

Young people spend most of their youth thinking "I've got
time" for whatever. But then, one day, over night, time
isn't abundant anymore. You no longer have the time for

Some people waste time, some people make use of time. Some
people have a dozen gadgets to save them time, but are
always late to everything. Ever wonder what would happen
if these people lost their electric razors, their coffee
machines, their washer and dryer. What would they do

One of the things that gets me the most is people driving.
They all have to be somewhere. So they speed, or drive
aggressively. They all end up paying for it one day. They
have to get to point B and they are late, so they cut off
this one guy and pow, accident. They spend the next two
months remembering how to walk. That driving saved you a
lot of time there, huh buddy.

Sometimes these people get off easy, they only get a
ticket. I think if I was a cop and saw someone speeding
and cutting people off, I would take especially long time
with that guy. You know, ask him a lot of questions, have
him get out of the car. Write the ticket taking great care
to make sure that every letter is nice and neat.
Especially the people who are like "I'm late for such and
such." I would be like, why are you late? Cause you
wanted to sleep in? Cause you had to finish something?

Two days ago, a guy in a Trans Am with the volume turned up
all the way listening to something that sounded like NIN
remixed, he sped past me about 20 over the speed limit.
Three miles up the road, I passed him, and I went the speed
limit every way. He just got stuck by every red light.

The worse is the theologians. The guys who argue about
infinity and God doing this and that and how this isn't
possible. The big one is the arguement about
predestination vs. free will. People say if we are
predestined, we have no choice over the actions we make,
really. Other people say that if we have free will, then
God doesn't know what will happen because we make it up as
we go along. Here's the hint guys, AS WE GO ALONG. God
has no time. In Heaven or where ever God dwells, it
doesn't exist. He knows everything because it all already
happened, and yet it didn't. There is no progression of
time, so he doesn't wait for something to happen. It just

It's hard for us humans to understand, all we can really do
is glimpse into what really is before our minds try to
rationalize what we are thinking. Think of it this way,
every thing that has happened and will happen in the
history of earth takes place in the smallest fraction of a
second. There, that's it. It's all done with. In that
one fraction of a second, we chose what to do everywhere.
So how does God know what happened? Because it's kind of
over with already. However, it hasn't begun yet either.
See, I'm trying to put something abstract into words, like
trying to describe a picasso or something. It's almost

Thank you for your time.

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