Blind My Eyes
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2002-08-17 03:59:36 (UTC)


ok, why is it when you think u are ok, everything just
falls apart...
i so thought i was over michael... then one day he was all
sweet to me and stuff and made be believe that maybe he
really had changed. i mean, i was actually considering
forgetting the fighting, the namecalling, the shoulder and
wrist grabbing..... just forgiving him and taking him back,
and now he's saying stuff about me!! damnit i freakin hate
one of my friends is going to jail. she's only 16 and is
being tried as an adult because 3 people jumped her and she
fought back.... damn near killed one girl. her freaking bro
just died not even a year ago in a car crash... she's gonna
end up killing herself or something.
yeah. anyway... shit sucks... someone e-mail me or
something to brighten up my day!! Please!!