My Confessions
2002-08-17 03:37:26 (UTC)

Does that make him my boyfriend?

Today was an extremely busy day. Right when I got out of
the bathroom from showering Jay was across the yard in his
room waving to get my attention, so I am like "what now?"
and he told me to come over, so i got dressed really
quickly and ran over to his house. We hung out most of the
morning at his house. I didn't know what to tell him about
Christian. I mean yeah we made out and he took off half my
clothes, but that doesn't nessesarily mean that we are
boyfriend and girlfriend, so I told Jay that we are kinda
seeing eachother. When do you know if you have crossed
that line and are going out? I don't know! I could really
use some advice on this topic, I mean I realize that just
kissing doesn't make you in a relationship, but if you have
a fat make out session and he feels you up after taking off
your shirt and bra, does that justify a relationship? It
would really help if u guys wrote what you think b/c I
don't exactly want to ask Christian, that would be a little
embarrasing, don't you agree? Anyway, Alyssa and Stacey
both think that means we are going out, but Sam and Desi
disagree they say you have to actually pronounce it in
order to make it official. So I was thinking of getting Jay
to ask Christian if we are going out and then checking in
with Jay to figure it all out and that way I don't look
like an idiot in the process.

Christian, Jay, Sam, Alyssa and Alyssa's bf (who I don't think I've
mentioned b4) Ben are all coming over to hang out tonight and we are
going to hang out in the hot tub.... or maybe do more.

Okay so write back advice pleeeez.