2001-07-13 07:47:05 (UTC)

God I hate life today!

Mood: Shitty
Music: Linkin Park --Crawling

Well here goes... I was woken up 3 fuckin times to answer
the damn phone...and didn't get much sleep so I've been a
total bitch all day...then about 3:30 pm I talked to my b/f
and he put me in a better mood...Then I sat my fat ass down
on the couch till like 6 pm.. then I took my 7 yr old bro
to the pool and taught him how to swim... He's always been
afraid of water... and today I finally got him to get in
and swim...that was pretty cool...then I caught up with a
friend I havn't seen in awhile and we hung out for the rest
of the nite... well until like midnite...then I came home
and to my surprise.. my freakin parents told me my 7 yr old
bro and them were gonna leave for a week.. and that I had
to watch my 12 yr old bro for this week...well I kinda told
my parents to fuck off and I said I wasn't gonna babysit
their "lil" boy and their mansion... they got pissed and
told me fine you can go stay with your grandparents...and I
finally gave in and decided to watch the damn place.. so
they leave tomorrow sometime...and I'm stuck here in this
hell hole for a freakin week...by myself...in a big
house...where ppl try to break in...where I hear noises and
think I'm trippin on something...yeh talk about a fuckin
wuss...that I am! and since its July and there are alot of
thunderstorms and shit...I freak out... I hate storms..
they scare me... and if there is some kind of 'phobia' word
for "freaked of storms" then I guess I'm that...My b/f says
he is gonna call every hr for this week to see if I'm still
alive... and to have his sis..(my best friend) stop by or
his bro to see what I'm doing...and if he could be here
right now.. he would prolly be stayin with me this week so
I wouldn't be so freaked out... but I'll get thro it... I'm
gonna hafta someday...right?! thats what I thought...well
I'm still in a pissy mood... but since I have the house to
myself...I figure hey whats the big fuckin deal.. I get the
net all day and nite everyday for 7-10 days...and I can
talk to my b/f with lots more privacy and lots more
time...cuz I work from 6:30 -8:30 pm most days and some
days 10-2 am and he works from 4-midnite....and he is
usually on at work.. so I guess its all good...