Omina's Lumina
2002-08-17 03:00:09 (UTC)

Another Friday....

Chris leaves tomorrow.. He'll be gone for at least 35
days. Its the first time since we moved in together that
we will be apart that long. Hell, it's not like we are
married or anything, but I really love him, I don't know,
something hurts really bad right around my navel area when
ever I think about him being gone for so long.
Work was pretty much horried today, big confrontation
with my sgt over my vacation time.. If he does anything to
screw up this little bit of me time I have planned I may
just kill em.. Well, no, couldn't kill him, but mabye kill
his car.. Seriously, what man can demand respect when he
totes his butt around in a purple station wagon. well,
nough on that, he is not even close to important enough to
write another sentence.
I've been so tired lately, think it's the daily grind..
Can't quit though, and can't move on.. Sometimes I just
feel so trapped, the wheel just dosen't stop you know, and
I am running down. Someone out there ((isn't that-that
mouse song from the cartoon??)) must like their job
right?? Well here starts the journal of a female Soldier
in this United States Army.. Three years now, and I hope
what I write in the future can help some of you.. If not,
hey, makes me feel better anyways... And with that said, it
is definetly time forr a beer...

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