2001-07-13 07:03:20 (UTC)

Everything I do, I do it for you..

I feel pretty happy right now. An unusual uplifting feeling.
Sort of like after you watch a good movie with a deep
ending. It makes you think about things. It's probably
because I'm listening to the song, "Everything I do, I do it
for you." Something about the line that goes, "I would fight
for you, I'd lie for you, walk the mile for you, yeah I'd
die for you."

It makes me think of all the people in the world who have
given away so much for someone else. I can't think of
anything I've done that is that grand. I guess it's a wakeup
call to how selfish we can be if we're not careful. Perhaps
there will come a time when I can sacrifice somthing to help
someone greatly. I would do it in a heartbeat. But will I
think to do it, or let the moment pass by unnoticed?

On another topic I was thinking about. Sort of a scenario.
Lets say I was in the position to determine whether someone
dies or not. Either I die, or they die. Who would I take the
bullet for, and who wouldn't I? My familly for sure. I would
give my life for any one of them. I'd die for anyone in my
best-friends family as well. But who else? I really don't
know what I'd do if it was me or some stranger. Something to
think about. A truely noble person might give their life in
exchange for anyone in the world. I'm not that noble I'm

Well enough for now, got to get some sleep.