Fallen Angel

A Punk in Virginia? NO WAY!
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2001-07-13 06:45:41 (UTC)

Bipolar Yea Yea Yea in Lynchburg Yea Yea Yea

I figured I should probably let u guys know a little about
me just in case anyone is reading this. My name is Roxy and
yes I'm manic depressive! The week before Christmas of 2000
I was put in the hospital for being a "cutter". my mom
wasn't really worried that i had cut myself but that i had
done it the "wiccan way" and had told ppl that i had done
it. She's always wanted to keep the family secrets in, we
have to look like the perfect family to anyone on the
outside world. I ended up in Krise-6 for a week. Which is
longer than most people are there. I'm so tired of people
tellin me all the time "don't worry about it" "forget about
it" they just don't understand how i feel. I know it's not
normal to look in the mirror and yell at myself until my
reflection makes me cry, but it's something i do. I don't
know why. Guys are my outlet. By flirting with a guy or
doing something sexual I get this satisfaction that I held
their attention for that long. But then later I feel kinda
slutty. I would do anything for a hot guys attention, even
betray my best friend. And that pisses me off, but it
always makes me feel better about myself for that moment in
time. I think since my brothers moved out I've missed just
being able to hang out with the guys. So now I just screw
around with every guy I meet. Being a 16 year old female,
the baby of the family, and the only girl is rough... i
don't care what you think. not only are parents more
protective of the baby, but the only girl is even worse! I
can't do anything. And since there is a whole generation
gap between my brothers and me my parents are still going
by the rules of bringing your kids up in the eighties. I'm
sorry but my brothers didn't have people threatening to
bomb their schools, a city curfew, or sheep being cloned
for that matter. Being in Lynchburg sucks. Living in a town
that is run by Jerry Falwell, the biggest Southern Baptist
guru in America, sucks!!! I mean ICP has a whole song
dedicated to how much they hate him so we get in major
trouble if we blast that while we're drivin down the
street. If you ask a single person here why they moved here
from a much cooler city, 99% of the time they say it was to
go to Jerry Falwell's church. He's ALWAYS on tv promoting
Liberty University (his college) or his own church.Tell me
this: how is he gonna preach that the world is abou to end
this year and then start construction on a church that
won't be done until around 2004?!?! I just can't stand him.
What's his whole thing against teletubbies?!?! They're not
that bad! Teletubbies are cool! Even if my ex bf is scared
of them, but he's also afraid of water so that doesn't say
much. Right now I'm talkin to Trey and some guy from
Liberty High that knows Randall. That Lorenzo guy still
won't leave me alone. Anywayz I'm going to go listen to
Bellini's Smile. Bye

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