Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-08-17 01:11:26 (UTC)

Ohhh... say it aint so.. =)


Appartment looks a bit decent.. especially my
bedrooom... I love it... The living room needs ALOT of
work.. *sigh* I just dunno what to do with it.. Pfff...
should of studied something in the field of decoration in
college... lol

Work really sucks... Their even talking about cutting
the hours down.. but.. if they dooo... i know what's gonna
happen... Work wont be down by the end of our shift.. soo
day crew will be mad at us.. But.. the hell with it.. All i
doo is my damned job... if someone as a problem with how i
work.. then they should come and tell me what i do wrong...
I consider myself a good worker... Although i'd be better
if we'd have some cashiers working at night.. Grrr.. =)

Love life = not there... *sigh* A friend talked to me
about setting me up with a few of his friends that are
single... But.. sadly.. our days off are NEVER together..
damnit... I need a girl... to hug... cherish... to spoil...
and most of all.. To love... I really do miss the company
of a woman... But all i gotta do is.. wait.. and i'm sure
the opportunity will come sooner or later... Hopefully
soooner then later... =)

Fridge is almost empty... lol neeed to buy some foood..
ohhh and i put myself on a diet... i think i lost a few
pounds.. But i dont have a weight balance.. soo not sure...
I now drink alot of H20 and eat less junk and more healthy
food.. I neeed it i think... It be nice to be a new and
improved Marco... /nod

Gonna buy a disposable camera and take some pic's of my
new place... then i'm gonna loook for a scanner and
hopeffully i'll get them scanned so i can show people my
new place... *** But... no pic's of me... :P dont want to
break a disposable camera... :) ***

Alrigth time for me to hit the shower... Wanna join
me ??? =) theres plenty of rooom... Just bring your shower
hat and remember to bring some shampooo... =)

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