Rebeccas Diary
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2001-07-13 06:41:43 (UTC)

today really sucked.

today really sucked. i went to the mall to see jonah and
ryan, well i was looking forward to it so i went inoto the
mall past ryan, not noticing him. well, jonah wasnt there
so i went to talk to ryan. and he was there but there he
was sitting next to some freakishly skinny white trash
blond girl who was OBVIOUSLY his girlfriend!!!!!! WHAT THE
FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he always smiles at me and calls me
over and we talk for along time. but guess what happand
this time, he glanced my way and pretended not to see me!
I FELT LIKE i was about to pass out, i also felt like i had
my heart was tied into a knot and then untied with two
sharp knives, hmmmm i wonder what the quickest way to die
is, maybe i'll set it up like he killed me so he can get in
trouble too.

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