my life and how i am in it
2001-07-13 06:21:09 (UTC)

The new Julia Roberts

Today was actually a pretty exciting day. I am in the best
mood! Nothing could ruin it, it can only get better. For
the past three weeks I have interned at Raleigh Studios.
Today I finally saw someone on t.v. Basicly David Curry
walked up to me and said, "Hey Mariana, are you busy?" and
I said,"Nope" When in actuality I had a lot to do but I
figured I could do it later or Fox could take care of it.
So then David said,"Well, do you want to cruise over with
me to Boston Public?" I obviously said yes. Boston Public
(the tv show) is filmed at Raleigh Studios. Anyway we were
looking for the executive producer on Boston Public but he
wasn't outside so we went inside. Were up in the offices
and I hear this woman's voice. And I thought, gosh that
woman sounds like Marla on Boston Public. And she turned
around and it was her! I was so excited but I remained
calm and acted cool. I was a professional after all.
Anyway we all ended up in the same elevator (David, Marla
and I). She said that my skirt was like one of the jackets
that she has on wardrobe and she admired how cute it was.
I was like ahh! I love my skirt! anyway so then we found
the executive porducer on B.P. and I was sweeter than pie.
I am so sending him a headshot! But anyway Dave was
talking to him about locks and stuff. So I saw Calista
Flockhart's dressing room. Which didn't look like hers but
it's all good. Then as Dave and I were leaving Marla
pulled up by us in her convertable BMW and said goodbye to
me and left waving. I was incredably happy. Not just
because I met someone famous but also because I have made a
connection that could get me into my career. I am going to
be an actress. I love everything about movies, the sets,
the people, the lighting, the cameras. Everything ! When
I'm on the set or even walk near it or I'm in the office, I
get filled with adrenalin! It's where I need to be. It's
like my home away from home. I can't explain it. I just
know that's where my fate is leading me and that is
definitly the path I am going to lead. Rememeber my name
because I will become the next and better Julia