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2001-01-13 17:54:02 (UTC)

January 13,2001-9:50 AM --RL--..

January 13,2001-9:50 AM

I haven't written in a while...oops..o.O
Anyways,me and my sis had an anime movie marathon last
night,we still have 2 more tapes to go..I saw the final
episode of Slayers TRY!It's over!!!!!*pouts*
ARGH!Wufei!I'm still thinking about him!I almost failed a
test I had to take on Friday!I can't like him, he's so rude
to me and shows NO respect. It's not possible. I think I'm
just very angry at him.*nods*That's it.
Anyways,uhm,that's about it!

Well,I kinda took off and left Trunks to pilot Nova. Now
I'm trying to get to the city by ground,Vegeta ended up
following me though.He says he knows what I'm going
through,and well,I can see his point to some extent.But,I
don't think his experiences were like mine...ah well
I think we're almost caught to up our friends, we should be
there by tonight!I can see Dynast and Ariana again!Whoo-hoo!
I guess that's all for now,
-Skyla Glace