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2001-07-13 05:07:01 (UTC)

July 12, 2001

"Peaches and cream
I need it cause you know that I'm a fiend
Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine..."

Phew, I passed my AP test!!! I am so happy, I knew I
could do it I just doubt myself sometimes. It was another
fun day at work, but I had to eat at Panera alone today
since some chick didn't show up to cover for my new found
homie, but it was cool cause Nick was there. I have the
funniest picture of us sitting on the big green Cricket
couch!! I'll be sad when he goes back to Vandy. Tomorrow is
my big day off, I am so excited, I get to sleep in, go to
the gym, sun, and chill. Tenieka and I almost went to
Cookeville tonight to stay with the FIJIs but it fell
through, darn, although I would've liked to talk to Matthew
about her surprise... Damnit, my KUE button just fell off,
this raises some difficulty since my screen name is LCA-
uaPanther (yes Daddy I know I shouldn't have gotten a Compa-
, I apologize for ignoring your sound advice.) EWWW I saw
my ex Jeff at Sonic tonight!!! The first one!! He was with
this fat girl with bad clothes. It was really funny, he was
so infatuated with me and I was only with him so my best
friend could get with his best friend, but those were the
old days when I had long hair and a dancer's body and
dating 11 guys at once was cool. Riiiight. Gavin is coming
to town in two weeks!!! WOOHOO!!!! He's my baby daddy, all
43 of them. I am also starting to get worried about Ryan, I
haven't talked to him in weeks, I'm going to go watch The
Meaning of Life and hit the sack. Night kiddies!!!