Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-07-13 05:01:38 (UTC)

Or Not..

Current music: Fashion Victim by Green Day
Current mood: Hurt! Physically, emotionally

Well, I went to Beall's tonight. Shopping makes me
feel kinda fat sometimes, but I did get a really cute
little skirt for school. (The image change is
underway..but I still need to lose some more weight. I did
kinda bad today b/c there was no reasonably healthy food in
the house.) After that, I did call you know who, he can
almost always make me feel better.Ok, well easy stuff
first. I'm a KLUTZ. I walked right into the wall b/c it
was too dark to see, and banged my head so hard I have a
bump. It was like a major dumb moment, b/c I was on my way
to my parents' bathroom, so they got all freaked out. No
need to be alarmed, it's just me, your daughter, retarteen.
Before that, I was all upset b/c my lips are hurting
really bad. They're not so much chapped but it's almost
like a rash. I don't know how it got there, but it's
killin me. I talked to you know who tonight and I told
him, and he was jokin around like oh, yeah, i gave you a
disease, it's my man-whore germs! (Do NOT ask..just
assume :) )
So as I mentioned, I did talk to you know who
tonight.. I didn't have the balls (?) to confront him about
what his feelings for me are. I wasn't like oh, I love
you, either, it was just one of those really akward convos
where there's something you want to say soo bad but you
can't bring yourself to admit the truth b/c you're afraid
of what will happpen. We all know how it goes, don't lie!
So it was just business as usual, then he promises me to
call me tomorrow, we all know that he won't and I'll just
call him and bitch at him for it. so it goes. But maybe
he WILL call, I always hope for it, he never does cease to
amaze me... :) Though I wish he'd stick w/1 personality.
Ahh! I'm so hopeless sometimes. But I guess there's
a little hopeless romantic in everyone, and the girl who
hates Julia Roberts romantic-comedies may be finding that
piece of herself now. Adios until manana, ~mandy

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