Who I Am
2002-08-16 19:07:19 (UTC) is blowing a wad of s*** right now..

Okay so I've been grounded all effing summer for
"unsatisfactory" grades, I'm seeing a shrink, and haven't
been able to do basically anything w/any of my friends, I'M
GOING INSANE!!! At least I have my music...latele it's been
:Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Korn, Deadsy, AFI, Stavesacre,
Cake, TOOL, The Vandals, Jimmy Eat World, Less Than Jake,
Rancid, No Use For A Name, Static-X, NOFX, MxPx, Mighty
Mighty Bosstones, and various underground groups. I cannot
wait until school starts, I GET TO SEE AL MY FRIENDS!! Yay,
and impress my homies *snark snark* with my new sk8boarding
trix, joy and fun for everyone. Well I gotsta go see if I
can upload sum mroe tunes for my trip....Remember kids,
never drink alone, it's funner with mroe people!!!