Fallen Angel

A Punk in Virginia? NO WAY!
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2001-07-13 04:20:07 (UTC)

I'm such a nerd

I missed Randall's call tonight! And I can't call him back
because everytime he calls the ID says it's either out of
area or at the Quik-E Food Store. So I don't know his #!
And I don't want to call Angela and ask for his number
because she likes him too and she's already mad at me for
hookin up with him Saturday night. What to do what to do!
He's supposed to call tomorrow but I'm so paranoid that
he's not gonna call! Why do I worry? I'm supposed to go out
with him tomorrow night but I'm gonna hafta say that I'll
be somewhere else because I know he's not gonna let me
leave until early in the morning. Even with the new curfew.
And I can't say that I'm going to spend the night with Matt
tomorrow night because he's at the beach! So mom wouldn't
go for that. I had to wake-up at 11 today and get ready for
my doctors appointment with the wonderful Dr. Hendricksen!
GAG! I hate him so much. As soon as I got home I went back
to sleep and didn't wake-up until 8 o'clock. Then I went up
to Angela's house and talked for a little while. Then I
went back down the street and played some ball with
Timothy, Matt, Tiffany, Trevin, and Tyreke. Tiffany was
talkin to some guy named Keith on the phone and some girl
named Quinta. Keith called me White-Out and a Cracker the
other day so I decided to tell him off. Quinta decided to
start some shit so I told her off too. She said if I got in
a fight with her that I would be walking away with 3 shoes.
What the hell does that mean?! So then Keith started saying
how white people suck and stuff so I told him I had heard
about the spots on his face and how he wasn't completely
black if he has white spots everywhere. So then Quinta
tried to run her mouth some more and got her Nanna to get
on the phone so I told her Nanna off too. Just because
she's old doesn't mean I'm not gonna tell her like it is.
Then I went back inside. Right now I'm talkin to Rachel and
Kelly. Rachel's goin to Missourri for 2 and a half weeks!
Who am I gonna talk to? She said she left a present for me
at Russ's house, I wanna know what it is! Kelly's changed a
lot lately. She went to a bar tonight with Evan and Eric. I
was in disbelief. She never hangs out with me anymore. I
was always the one that tried to get her to go to bars and
she never wanted to, now she's going all the time. I
haven't seen her in months. It sux. Nedra's been a bitch
lately so I haven't hung out with her. She has this "holier
than thou, let me be your mommy" attitude. Brian just got
online. I'm debating over whether I should talk to him or
not. Talking to Elizabeth. My mom doesn't understand why I
like hanging out with her b/c she thinks I'd get tired of
doing Sign Language all the time, but it's really not that
bad. Sign Language just comes naturally. It doesn't feel
like I'm speaking another language until Elizabeth starts
going to fast and then I have to ask her to slow down. Some
guy just imed me calling himself Dr. Love. He won't tell me
who he is or anything. He said he knows me and then I know
him but I wouldn't know his name if he told me. what the
hell? he said his name is lorenzo and he's harassing brian
too so i told him to leave brian alone. I'm gonna take care
of this matter.

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