my mixed up world
2001-07-13 04:17:00 (UTC)

DC trip

Tomorrow, well today really considering it's 12:06. But
anyways, me, Corey, and Caroline are going to Washington
D.C. for the day.

I don't know if I've told you about Corey and Caroline yet
so I'll do that now.

Corey~ I've known her since kindergarden, and we've been
CLOSE friends since around 6th grade and now I'd say our
status is pretty close to bestfriends, I consider us that
even if she doesn't. Anyways her and Caroline are
bestfriends as well.Cors just broke up with her boyfriend
and she is BOY CRAZY! Which is SO much fun, you always have
a good time with Cors. :-)

Caroline~ I've known Caro since we were 3, we went to the
same pre-school, one funny thing is that we're both
Catholic and we both went to a Baptist pre-school. Odd
huh?! lol. There's not much I can say about Caro 'cause
she's too awesome for words! I love that girl SO much. We
are really different in many ways but we have a bunch of
things in common, we've never had a "real fight" but we've
had arguments and such, I would be worried if we didn't.

So tomorrow or whatever, the three of us are driving up to
D.C., we live like 30-45 minutes away. It's a big thing
because I've never been there with out parents so it's all
good. :-) I know that Cors hopes we pick up some guys,
which could be fun, but I don't think I'll be doing that,
cause what can I say I'm in love. :-) You know if Mike
wasn't so mad at me this would be a really awesome day.

Well that's it, I'm out.

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