Meshed Up
2002-08-16 16:39:36 (UTC)

basically updates

20th birthday of lavender today. mmm went for french food
and yeah...basically...CHILLED OUT! lolz.

interestingly enough, we played taboo at a friend's place.
the word 'miracle' came up and R didn't know how to
describe it to let the rest of his team guess the word.

R: uhm uhm...this is what jesus does!
ALL: dies!!!



pastor's kid took semi-naked pictures of herself with her
webcam and showed the pictures to N.

N: it's proven. her boobs are definitely fake.


is it consider 'boastful' when you're just proud of what
you've accomplished? or when you know you're good at
something and you intend to let some people know that
you're very good at it?


i met ~girl for the first time and she never smiled at me.
she shook my hand, introduced herself, and got down to
business. then he came. and she started laughing like crazy
and smiling like a little girl. and she smiled at me too
for the first time in the hour that we've been together!
yeesh. 24 year old girl. i didn't know mature girls could
be that fake too.

i really don't like girls who act differently around guys
than when they're with girls. i know so many. wish they'd
all curl up and disappear.


anyway... day has ended a bit weirdly. should go to
sleep..and hopefully...wake up after ten or twelve hours
fully recharged.

am i being selfish? i sure hope not.