Alisha's Journal
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2002-08-16 16:28:01 (UTC)

Wee! (help me make a choice)

Hello! Haha, I'm in a good mood. Even though i hate my job
and i have to go today, that's besides the point. I Have a
crush atmy job...and, he works tonight! hahaha. But...i
also like another kid, but i think we're better as close
friends.(with benefits) JUST KIDDING. I'm not like that. Me
and the close friend guy, we're like a couple but were not.
Alot of people mistake us as it...and right now we're
faking it and everynow and of us will say
something, when were supposed to be just
we're dating, it's one of the most confusing situations,
but is it a good feeling. But the guy at my work...He's not
the cutest...but, he's not ugly. He's sweet, and he
understood me for me, not because i was friends with
someone, or because...something. i dunno. He seems
perfect...i dunno. Who, IF ANYONE, is reading this, reply
please? I need to know, who would you go with, if it was
you? me and the friend guy...we both hurt each others
feelings all the time by standing each other up...its sorta
funny if you think of it. We make plans, and the one
doesn't show, and the NEXT day...the opposite one does
something similar, and it isn't on purpose. So what do we
do? We send bitch or bastard apology e-mails to each other,
its sorta cute. haha....listen to me, im crazy. Help me
please though! Thanks!

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