The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-08-16 16:09:18 (UTC)

I woke up in a dream

I lie alone in my warn out bed
Dreams crawling into my head
As the music slowly fades
My dreams come out of shade
Thats when all my problems disappear
When my dream girl reappears

I woke up in a dream
Found a girls scheme
To win my bleeding heart
She didnt want just part
She stepped out of the dark
We were standing in a park

Then she took me by the hand
We went and saw some band
She kissed my cheek and ran away
So now I wait another day
For the dream girl to return
To wake up in a dream

The days go by so slow
I wait to see her glow
Soon the sky turns pink
My brain starts to think
The days end is near
My bed will drown my fears

Then I woke up in a dream
I couldnt find a girls scheme
So I bear my bleeding heart
No on to heal this heart
Shes hiding in the dark
But not near the park

So now I sleep just a littel longer
Waiting to see which is stronger
A love of dreams or life
Work is just a bunch of strife
Is it all worth it in the end
Is it just another simple bend

This time I wont wake up in a dream
I face reality's simple schemes
Face my problems tonight
Try to get things right
Tonight I am going to live
Tonight I am going to smile

Ive finaly escaped my dreamscape of life

So their it is. Im might work on it but thats it. I dont
know if Im gonna write music or maybe just leave it as that.
Anyways lemme know whatcha think.

Warped tour was amazing. I saw some really cool bands.
Nicotene, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, some of
nofx, some of flogging molly, I saw homegrown, some of New
Found Glory. I also got like 12 cds and 3 t-shirts. I got
something corporates autographs. And I got REEL BIG FISH'S
autograph. They are like one of my favorite bands. I WAS
FIRST IN LINE. It was really cool. I had a great time. I
gots a tanline around my neck from my necklace. It looked
pretty funny when i took it off. Lol. Anyways it was fun
and I was tired afterwards. But I still played chrono
cross till 1. Oh well. Im gonna go now. Later