can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-08-16 15:35:54 (UTC)

haven't been here in a while

just thought i'd check in...i keep getting all these damn
reminders in my e-mail.
corrines grandfather died, and while i'm still not on great
terms with her, i want to be there for her, because
*nobody* deserves that type of sorrow. she seems to be okay
steph and steve broke up, which at least means i won't have
to deal w/ her constantly talking about him. they were
fucking, which meant she wanted to be nice to me for the
last few months of school. something about being
condescending really appeals to her. and i put up w/ it.
stupid me. me, sarah, nikki and laura have a pact though:
the fuck you bitch pact, which basicly means we're not
putting up w. shit from her this year. it sorta applies to
corrine as well, but right now i'm cool w/ her, prolly cuz
its the summer and i dont have to see her everday.
fanfic is taking up *way* too much time to be healthy! i'm
supposed to be beta'ing for ro and cathey, but i haven't
even started and its an 82 page story. stupid me! i'm
writing...um, three of them. and the real world is biting
me in the ass! i have all my summer reading to do, plus AP
Bio work, even though i still don't know if i'm in the
class or not! ms. shepley hasn't gotten back to me, which
is so unlike her, and so aggravating to me, because if i'm
not in the class i dont want to do all the work. i've
already started, and its pretty interesting, but even
i'm dreading school. i really don't know how i'm going to
deal w/ the stress. college and work and drama and just
STUFF is going to be such a bitch. oh well.

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