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2001-07-13 03:55:02 (UTC)


Friday, October 29, 1999
I decided to start putting in the days as well as
the dates. I figured that sometimes you wouldn't
understand what the hell I was talking about sometimes
(like if I said I went to Meijer's at 3:30 AM and you
thought it was a Tuesday. That would have helped a few
times in 286 days, which, btw, I just lost the first part
Forgive me if some of my words seem a little
weird. I drank a little bit tonight (I'm not sure why.
Like I said, the Old Nick is dead. He is no longer needed).
I don't really have a whole lot to say. I am
perfectly comfortable here at State and I have no friends
and no prospects of getting any. That's alright though,
I've always been good at being by myself.
Oh, I started another poem too, but I haven't
gotten it all finalized yet. Just a bunch of random words
strung together in a half-ass sentence.
Fuck. I wish I had something to say.
Oh, since my life is so boring, here is the life of
my (few) friends:
Kristi is going to a party tomorrow night. It's
her first this year. Normally I would bitch her out for
telling me that she would do something with me and then
pussing out, but it's OK. I'll let her have her fun.
That's just how nice I am. Oh-Oh. My eyes are getting
sleepy. That's no good. I still have a bunch to tell you.

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