random mumblings
2002-08-16 13:04:02 (UTC)

why do bad things happen to good people?

my friend jean got laid off from work yesterday. jean is
the nicest lady you'll ever want to meet...she joked
around that this was her "jubilee year" because she turned
50. which reminds me that i'll have to keep in touch with
her because she said she'd quit smoking in her "jubilee"
which ends in february i believe. she doesn't know what
she's gonna do, but she better find out soon...she's got a
18 year old daughter at home to take care of. jean was a
good friend, she always had a big smile on her face, and
you could always count on her. she gave me a ride home
for about a year and i am extremely grateful for that (15
minute car ride v. 1.5 hour bus ride) anyways, good luck
jean if you ever read this...and don't be a stranger :)
i'll miss you!