Living In The Dark
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2002-08-16 12:53:37 (UTC)

Sleep As A Food Group

I wish sleep were part of a food group. And make it
something quick and portable that I could eat on my way to

I am at a conference downtown all week. In the meantime, I
am trying to shove in two graveyard shifts. What becomes of
me by the end of this day will be the ultimate result of
about 5 hours sleep in three days. I lost consciousness
temporarily on the tour bus yesterday. All I could hope was
that I didn't drool.

At least I'm being productive on my graveyard shift. In the
last week I made five stuffed animals and last night I cut
out the fabric pieces for five more. I'm a regular Marda
Stert. I make bears and bunnies and mice out of old flannel
boxer shorts and t-shirts my kids grow out of. They are
easy and hand-sewable so I can do everything in this little
closet of an office.

God Bless the pillow and the backseat of the car I will
soon get into. While my husband drives, I will get at least
an hour of solid sleep.


Oh I can see the swallowing haze
Glazing surround my eyes
Guise of blissful submersion.