Diary of Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
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2001-07-13 03:03:25 (UTC)

Something to think about

All the world today
Is shutting me out of their lives
I feel like today I can turn to No one
Everything is just a lie.
Every person I try to talk to
Isnt in the mood
I'm being ignored and abandoned
And that really doesnt make me feel good.
You may wonder, that Joelle?
Oh, she has it all
Everything she needs she gets
Like a stroll in the mall.
And you should know I have feelings, too
And when you walk all over me
I just collapse, I'm sensitive...
Well, actually I'm human, obviously.
I'm just an ordinary girl
With problems, feelings, and dreams
But in the end, amongst it all
Life is better than, at first, it seems.

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