My BFL story
2001-07-13 02:20:58 (UTC)

Day 33

Well, today was ANOTHER bizarre day for me. I ended up
missing my cardio last night, simply because I went to bed
at 8 because I was so tired. I had big bright plans to get
up and do my ub workout, but I bolted out of bed at 7 to
discover the power was out! Are forces against me? I'm
beginning to wonder.
I advertised for a success coach today and Mary Dewey, a
woman who had an amazing transformation will be helping
me. I got some feedback that betweeen weeks four and eight
people start to think nothings happening and feel stagnant,
but at 8 weeks it gets dramatic. We'll see!
Stagnant, that is how I feel. But free day is Saturday,
and I think I can make it...
Next week is week 6, I promise myself to make it better
than this week. The whole week feels shot. Which it
shouldn't be. I've been eating great, and my only downfall
is not working out in the a.m. But I think I got thrown
off on Sunday. BP wasn't lying when he said it's all about
Next week I'll use some mrp bars, go back up to six meals,
do my workouts in the a.m. and hit my 10's.