Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-08-16 07:02:11 (UTC)

the rolling stones love me

well...today i hung out with josh. went with him to get his
eyebrow pierced. He looks super cute with it. It actually
suits him well.

then we he treated me to starbucks and we watched a movie
at my house and yeah.

then jeremy came over and we went to the movies.
we "talked" and things are good. Very good. im relieved.
hes a great friend. didnt want to lose that.

we saw austin power and xxx again (for free of course). Cuz
im broke and i have hookups.

He's comming down on saturday to take me to get my ears
pierced. Greg said he would do it for 30 even though he
usually charges 50. I feel special. Gonna get em done at a
4 gague. Super cool.

i'm in the process of talking my mom into letting him stay
over sat night. she doesnt care but her b/f would and thats
the prob. her boyfriends an ass. uugghh!!

hmmmmm....tomorrow i am going to a party with Jess. Fred is
gonna be there. Yay! i miss him. Havent seen him in such a
long time.

well, i'm chatting with Christian, Jason, and Chris. Gotta