lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-08-16 06:13:33 (UTC)

my own little tenenbaums

since i don't have a for suresies last name QUITE yet,
i'm giving the kids my new favorite name...tenenbaum.
my little fish family. how cuuuuute. so we have lindsay,
X (aka mystery man, who is soon to be named- we
hope), roxanne, jack, corban, and tia. i know, such a
cute family. in all honesty, i hate the name tia, but what
can i say? sister sister rocks. haha. so far, all 6 of my
fish have lived through their first day. well, their first 6
hours...and frankly, that's good enough for me.

tonight i was involuntarily kissed by 3 different girls.
sick. just sick.

"eli just crashed his car into the front of the house"

watch movies. they're good for the soul.

is that a fly in your pocket..?

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