All In A Day's Work
2001-07-13 01:56:04 (UTC)

My secret

I am going to tell you something. It is a secret, and
can't be shared with ANYONE else, so you must promise never
to breathe a word about it to anyone. I will hint about
it, maybe you can guess it. No one possesses this. There
is no way it can be attained. Striving for it all your
life will prove to be unyielding. While it is not
something you are ever going to find, some people believe
that they can be, and will do anything to make you believe
it. The best people in the world are far from it. The
worst people are far from it as well. No amount of money
can buy this. It's not something that brings people
together. You fall in love because of it and fall out of
love for the same reason. Even if your college transcripts
have 4.0 from freshman year to the attainment of your
doctorate, you are still not this. The complete opposite
could be the best quality you find in a person. The answer
ladies and gentlemen.....perfection. Take these words my
friend, it's the truth.