My Confessions
2002-08-16 05:32:31 (UTC)

Is Everyone Having Sex?

Alyssa and Desi just left my house, and now that I am
alone, I must confess...it feels like everyone is having
sex! Let me first say that yes I am a virgin, but no I am
not inexperienced. I have done everything except have sex,
and I'm talking everything... you name it! It just feels
like I am the most innocent of all my friends. I mean ALL
of them have had sex!

Alyssa, Desi and I all went swimming at my house and we, of
course, started gossiping about everyone and one thing led
to another and soon we were talking about who had done it
with who. Alyssa has sex with her boyfriend (of a year)
about four times a week. Desi has only been going out with
her bf for three months and they've already fucked. Of
course, there is my sister who has screwed practically the
whole football team, and Sam who dates a different guy
every week. I don't get it? Is everyone having sex now?
It also feels like people are having sex younger and
younger now... I mean when I was in middle school the slut
was a girl who got fingered by her bf, now a slut is a 12
year old that banged 3 guys... is this for real? Maybe
it's just where I live, I dunno.

Anyway, I am on line while I wait for Christian to call. I
am still so embarrased by what happened earlier, I mean how
am I ever gonna live that one down? His brother saw me
fricking topless!!!!

Collete has been avoiding me today. She finally has gotten
it thru her thick skull that I'm pissed at her! GOOD!