Dirty Fractyl
2002-08-16 05:28:51 (UTC)

The Styx

I, again, am in an uplifting mood.

I picture this as a song, played by Marvin Gay, with a little girl
dancing through a meadow plucking dandelions.

Or maybe just a line of people jumping off a cliff to their death on
jagged rocks below.

"The Styx"


Mouth full of cotton
Brain full of sod
Heart full of hatred
Ground laced with blood

We came from spores
Our sacred whores
In your closed your mind
My hate you'll find

Maybe someday we'll grow together
Spored-out fungi in a petri dish
We're sick
We're sick
Diseased dying fucks

You aim at nothing
I shoot as high
Proposing that we both
Maybe someday we'll boil
Like wounds in the open sun

We came from vents
Our acrid smell
My wicked heart
Is bred from hell

Mouth full of venom
Ribs stuffed with mud
Devoured by hate
I never should
You never should
Have been born at all

Eyes laced with acid
Skin doused in bleach
Veins perferated
Skull plates breached

You see my brain
Can't touch my mind
Inside insanity
Docility you find


Mouth full of insult
Brain full of hate
Heart pumping foul blood
Pouring onto the ground

We came from spores
The air is too putrid
In the dead ground you find
Spores with their future blind

Maybe someday we'll die together
forest to desert we fall
forest to desert we fall
Diseased dying fucks

We fly empty skies
No hope flies as high
Proposing that we both
Maybe someday we'll burst
This pustule birthed so old

We're vile excuses
Our wicked souls
My stained brows
Belong on coals

Mouth full of blood
Body full of blood
Vomiting my entrails
The Styx flows onward
River full of blood