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2001-07-13 01:45:16 (UTC)

13/07/01 - 11:35AM

Black Friday. I love Friday the 13th. I don't know why, I
just do!

Well we are back to a one income family soon. LOL...
family... huh!!! "Boyfriend" has lost his job, the company
is closing his store and he is out on his ass. Hopefully he
will get a decent payout and he will be able to pay me back
the money he owes me and I can get rid of my HEAP OF SHIT
car!!! LOL

Went for a drive with a friend last night, she took me to
all her old houses in our area. It got me thinking about
childhood and how easy life was, and made me sad. I miss
being happy all the time. Life just sucked once I was old
enough to appreciate it for what it was. I was such a kid
in primary school. Lots of people I know were dating,
drinking, smoking. Me and my friends played on monkey bars
and elastics, friendship bracelets, talked about Neighbours
and stuff. We didn't fight much, we caught butterflies in
our lunch boxes and let them go in class, that was our idea
of rebellion. Life was good. I had a crush on a boy and
thought all the time about holding hands with him, that was
the extent of fantasy then. I didn't kiss a guy until the
start of Year 10, that was forced upon me too, it was a
horrible, wet experience and I was in no hurry to repeat it
after all... Those were the days *sigh* Best friends,
playing house... charm bracelets. Oh dear I am making
myself all nostalgic.


"It is up to people like you and me who are out
of our tiny little minds to try and help these people
overcome their sanity" ~ Monthy Python's Flying Circus

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