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2001-07-13 01:43:36 (UTC)

Wow I get to be online

Can't believe that finally its my turn to get online. It
seems that everytime I get a quiet moment someone is
already on the puter. I'll be glad when the kids get back
and I have my laptop that I can curl up in the corner
with. I've been in the mood to work on a webpage too, but
oh well.
Its been one of those weeks, Edna is healing, went to the
surgeon with her today and got the great news that even
though the tumor the doctor removed showed signs of
dysplasia he got it before it became full blown cancer. I
treated her to dinner on the way home, we shared Veal
parmigia and spaghetti. It was awesome made with real veal
not that ground stuff. Of course we had leftovers on the
plate since I don't eat much and her intestines are still
We got rid of the youngest he went to sleep over with a
freind so its just us here, (what am I doing online?)
Tommorow I'm due in work early so I guess this will be a
early night, guess I'll catch a shower in the morning gotta
do something with my hair, I love the new color that hubby
put on it, but its still not quite the cut that I'm looking
for, I'm not sure what to do with it next!

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