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2002-08-16 05:17:20 (UTC)

great day, bad night

today was really good. wait its 1 am so i guess now im
talking about yesterday. i went and picked up one of my
friends from a stereo place and took her home. then i spent
some time at her house just hanging out and talking about
stuff. i was supposed to be home when my mom got here so i
rushed home to get here. i seemed to be rushing home the
whole day so that i wouldnt get into trouble. later on i
went with another person shopping. we only went to staunton
and good thing too, cuz we got a call that we were supposed
to be at band practice but we werent. we actually thought
it started 2 hours later so we just went on shopping till
that phone call. if we would of been in hburg then we
probaly wouldnt of went but unfortunately we were only
around here so we had to go. afterwards a bunch of us went
to anothers guys house to go swimming and hang out. we
watched cruel intentions:) i love that movie. i had to drop
2 people off and get home at 11:30 but i didnt think id
make it cuz we left kinda late. but guess what, as luck
would have it i did, exactly 1 minute before:) hehe then i
got to talking to people on here and got totally down. just
this overwhelming feeling of being lonely. i realize that
all my friends have guys and are really happy but i dont. 2
are in really good relationships and have been together for
a while or will end up together sometime, at least i think
they will. i dont get jealous but like soo envious of them
sometimes. i just wish i could switch places with someone
thats got somebody they can be with. like someone to talk
to and lean on. love makes people happpy and when u go this
long with like never finding anyone u start to wonder if u
ever will. *sniff* yeah i know its probable that i will i
just wonder about it some time. ya know, i didnt start
feeling this way till the other day when i did something
that welll....i dont regret it and i know it was right i
just wonder why i feel like this now. if your lost then
thats ok cuz ya dont wanna know. well its late and im tired
so off to bed
talk to ya soon

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