starry nite

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2002-08-16 04:52:18 (UTC)

18 visions show

the show kicked ass! it was so great. it was really hot in
the club so tasha and i stayed in the back or outside for
the 1st 3 bands. then when the 3rd band finished and people
started clearing away from the stage, we went to the front
becuase i wanted to be right up against the stage for
18visions. i got to sing with everyone, and finally for one
the songs he put the mic up to me. i was waiting for that,
he would put the mic near me to the guys but not to me,
which kinda made me mad but i got to sing for part
of "motionless and white" so i was happy. i mean come on
any song that starts of singing "sit down and shut up, so i
can sing you your fucking love song" has got to be a great
song. i love that line.well it was great, i got knocked
over a few times while everyone was piling up near the mic
but it was on stage so at least people could help me up.
anyway im gonna go to bed now. i wish i could go to a show
every nite. all my problems just disappear while im at
them, and i get to get out so much energy. its like nothing

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