Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-08-16 04:49:30 (UTC)

Migraines, dancing and a giant seagull

Today was a day wherw the regular four of the group (Ian,
Christine, Ruth and myself) met up for a plan on doing
something. We all met at christine's house as is often the
initial stage for such events. I turned up first. s is
often the case. I do not like being late, but especially
if others are late. Christine's dad answered the door and
commented on my recent hair shaving off. Said I ruined the
hair thing I had going (or the ramblings which implied
this). Went into the back yard, set up my laptop and
played with it a while. Ian came next, he too went on
about the hair. Said that it wasn't very Japanese now.
Well duh, I had to cut most of it off to get rid of the
excessive damage. This time I'll let it grow long and
leave it its natural colour, which I believe is still dark
blonde. Ian took a picture of me. It didnt turn out very
clear, infact it was very blurred. So were a few of the
pictures that were taken. Ruth came last, when she sa that
I had little hair, she just had to rub my hea. Not that I
mind in the long run. My head is really sensitive, if I
didn't try and resist I'd probably purr like a cat. We
hung out at christine's for a while then we went in the
car to Largs.

I wasn't feeling good at all when we headed off in the
car. My laptop had ran out of power and my head was still
fuzzy from the migraine I had a few days back. It wasn't a
super serious migraine but I my head was killing me and I
was doing my best not to vomit. I refuse to vomit with all
my heart and soul. I shouldn't be getting migraines now,
they only used to happen when I got really stressed and
since I haven't done anything at all stressful in the last
6 months, I shouldn't be getting them. I didn't tell the
others because they don't need to know about it. They
accept I'm a moany bitch sometimes anyway. That way I
don't have to do anything. About 15-25 minutes into the
trip I felt like I was about to throw up so I had to make
Christine stpin the middle of the some country road. I
forgot how cramped the car is on longer journeys, I don't
like the small size, the heat or anything else that comes
from being in the car. I oly use cars because they are
convenient sometimes. I hate them with a passion. I'm not
scared of cars, I hate them. There's a big difference. I
moaned a lot in the car after I got some air. Christine
moaned too. Ruth tried to make me stop complaining but it
was no good. I only stopped when I put my music on and let
it help me relax. With my music playing, I don't have to
think about the real world for a while. I sat with my eyes
closed for about 15-20 minutes. It made the trip far

When we got to Largs, the Sun was shining too much. I had
no sunglasses to protect my eyes so my head was being
seriously fucked with. I felt nothing at all. When I feel
nothing, I say depressing things. I don't like it much.
Not even Ruth comments helped me much. It wasn't nice at
all. I felt slightly better when I got somethign to eat,
but it may have also been that the sun wasn't nearly half
as bright. We sat outside the arcades whilst we ate and I
saw they had Dancing Stage Euromix. I love games like
that. I'm intent on getting one of the home versions so I
can dance the night away. That cheered me up a bit too.

When we got back to christine's we watched a couple of
movies, I installed some ripping software on her laptop
which refuses to work correctly and then I went home and
was sent a couple of POVs from Ruth. They were good
although I haven't read the Harry Potter books so I
couldn't fully appreciate the Remus one. I'm tired now, I
think I will sleep and hope I am healthier tomorrow. I do
not care for more bad moods (beyond the usual that is).