In Shaddy's Shadow
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2001-07-13 01:12:11 (UTC)

Baby-Mama Drama

Vinnie droped me off at home, He took LA home & then
he went home & called me, OMG you are not gonna believe
what he told me. well this is how it goes...I was talkin to
him on the phone and i heard someone in the background

Me: Who's that
Vinnie: My BabyMama!
Me: Ha Ha, you want me to let you go so you can spend time
with her.
Vinnie: nah i'm just fuckin with ya, do u think that if she
was here then i'd be on the phone with you?
Me: So does this mean that there is a babymama?
Vinnie: Yeah!
Me: What?!
Vinnie: well i just found out my ex-girl is pregnant, She
claims it's mine!

After that i got madd quiet i did not know what to say!!

But anywayz he came over alwayz we had was da
bomb.. & it's been a while too..I know he was lovin it cuz he was
missin this ass like Woah!! Ha Ha Ha!..I love him sooo much!

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