In Shaddy's Shadow
2001-07-13 01:05:27 (UTC)

Smoked Out!

Yesterday was a good Day!...well i was at Kev's crib &
Guess who pages me at around 9 o'clock, Vinnie!! I was VERY
shocked!! i called him back, like two minutes after i got
on the phone with him he was like let me call you back i
gotta take LA back to his crib. i said No don't..ur gonna
come pick me up WITH LA & you're gonna go smoke!!! He was
like we met him walkin down Kev's street & he
picked us up...LA rolled up & I can't believe i got fucked
up with Kev, That's my girl's lil brother! well anywayz
then he took me home at around 11:30. He was drivin the
car, I was sittin behind him & i was playin with his neck.
after he droped me off he told me how that was getting to
him. I really though that was FUNNY!! He's been missin the