Diary of Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
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2001-07-13 00:12:26 (UTC)

The deal with Robert

Dear Diary,
I just got home from work. Nothing unusual happened,
but I have been wanting to write to you all day because
something unusual DID happen last night. My mom went on a
date a few nights ago...remember? Well, apparently, that
is her new boyfriend (great:::sarcasam) and I went to dance
last night with my friend, Amanda. Amanda and I wanted my
mom to come to the last...5 minutes of dance so she could
see us, but she brought COMPANY with her...who else but
Robert? (incase it's not obvious, robert is the
new "victim" AKA: my mom's boyfriend). I was so pissed and
I couldnt even look at her when I was dancing. In fact, I
was dancing better when she hadn't been there. I wish that
she wouldnt have brought Robert because he really makes me
feel uncomfortable. Amanda slept over last night. Then,
this morning at breakfast, something came up about Dance
last night, and I said, "Mom, next time I'm at dance,
please dont bring Robert with you...he makes me feel really
uncomfortable." and my mom said, "Fine, then you can pay
for your own dance class and drive yourself there and I
dont have to watch you." (in a rude and annoyed tone). I
dont understand why she just cant respect my's
my dance class and I feel a sense of discomfort when he is
near me. I told my mom that and she said, "Yeah and I
think he kind of sensed that, too." In another very short
tone of voice. When my mom went upstairs, Amanda and I
kept talking about Robert, and Amanda told me that even SHE
felt uncomfortable when he was there, and it wasnt even her
mom's's MY mom's boyfriend. Something about
him is very wierd...I'll get to the bottom of it...soon. I
know that my mom does know one thing about me for
sure...and that is that I can tell when there is something
strange about one of her boyfriends. I haven't been wrong
yet, and I know I'm not wrong this time, either.
More Later,