2001-07-12 23:54:15 (UTC)


~*My mom doesnt care bout me.I told her bout my pain and
what my coach said to do and she has to act like shes knows
everything.She told me no and wont let me do ne thing that
im suppose to.It drives me crazy!Oh well i will jus hafta
to tell coach that my mom wont let me and have him deal
with it bc she dont wanna listen to me.Dont u hate it when
ppl try to compete with u.I told my friend that i was so
disapointed in myself bc i walked the 2 miles today bc of
my pain and they were like well i did bla bla bla miles
today...and so on.They wouldnt shut up so i was like i
g2g.That gets on my nerves when u say something and they
say the smae exact thing jus tryin to make it look like
their the smart one.Today was good until my brother ruined
it by pitching a fit bc he didnt wanna wash a couple of
dishes so when my mom came home she yelled at me and said
well matt told me he did stuff and u didnt do barely ne-
thing.well i g2g.