Im a Little Winky
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2002-08-16 03:13:45 (UTC)

There may be a chance.....

Hello, Hello. I pretty much did nothing today. I came home
from Alexandras house...We didnt do anything we watched a
good movie call Requim. It was how bout drugs messed up
peoples lives and stuff....It was pretty chock-full of
info. So to all the people who do drugs...watch the
movie....maybe youd think twice..a heh. Anyway I was
supposed to hang out with the crew today but we didnt leave
the house cuz we were to lazy to get ready.When i got home
I read my mail and saw that jake had wrote me....I was a
tad confused..and anxious. Jake...by the way..is my ex. He
is the greatest guy in the world :).
We talked and stuff. Lets just say....im happpy we are
talking again. Im going to see him at lamour this saterday
so i must look pretty....the odds of that....let me
think....slim to none. Blah....Until Next time....urppp.


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