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sumtimes life gets alittle bit crazy
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2002-08-16 02:00:24 (UTC)

18 year's ago yesterday...~~!

The man of my dreams was born. I brought him the gift and
card I had for him and my freind and I took him out to eat
and well ... the things I wished I couldve done with him
couldnt be done because when we were alone... well we didnt
know when his family was getting back ... and so we just
layed in bed together .... But I am still so upset with him
for not breaking up with the other grl. and it kills me to
think that i couldnt spend the whole day with him because of
her and because he didnt want us to get into a fight. and
even more that i have been lying to my family about it...
saying that he broke up with her and today i had to lie
about being home so early... i said he had alot of family
over. and that I thought it would be best if i left. God i
am so in love with him i dont know what im going to do when
school starts when i meet all these new guys who honestly
will be very sweet and amazing but i have to be faithful and
maybe God will answer a prayer that i have been so
desparatly begging him for.... and if u could... please
pray for me ... that my actions in the past will be forgiven
and that i will be healed ...... anyways i must go now
but i hope for the best of all of this love always me.

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