Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-12 23:09:27 (UTC)

So what happened?

Well here we go again. I think I have too much to say. But
then again I just think that I am keeping my good friend
TIMMY updated with how things are goin. I kno he really
doesn't want to kno just about me but I dont really talk to
anyone else. I haven't talked to KITTY in awhile. I still
have to give her your letter TIMMY. OOPS! Yes I feel really
bad that she hasn't gotten it yet. I just never see her.
But she WILL get it. I Promise. Okay well. Today is just
another day. You kno the scariest thing to wake up to is my
brothers friend starin at you. That is creepy. The minute
you open your eyes there he is ... just watching you sleep.
God I hate it when he does that. Why can't it be someone
else. Why does it have to be my brothers friend. O well
damn I can't do anything about that now. Lets see ... I
went to pick up Daria and Chris again. Went to their house
for about an hour or two. And here I am at home waiting. I
don't kno what I am waiting for ... I am just waiting. Yea.
You kno about this "thing" or "incident" that I have put in
my two previous entries. I think I may be relieved of that.
I mean .... I am beginning to think it was a mistake. I
mean if you knew what it was then you would get my drift.
But I am just goin to have to wait a few days before I get
a final answer from myself. You kno I kinda wish I could
put it in here but I can't. I just can't. I think the only
two people who are ever goin to kno is probably Chris and
me. No, in fact we WILL be the only two people to kno. Yea
... I kno you are probably sittin there thinking ... So ...
What happened? But I can't let you kno that. I kno this is
a "DIARY" but not everything is put into a Diary. Feelings
... how your day was ... such and such ... but not
everything....... well ....... I dont kno ......... screwy