a little piece of me
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2002-08-16 01:15:45 (UTC)

quick update

wow, i've really been slacking in here again. i guess
cause now i have turtle to talk to and i don't really need
to write in here anymore. this thing was started in a
really bad time in my life, when i had no one and nothing.
now, my life has completely turned around. i have found
the person that was meant to be mine. i have found the
person that was meant to be my best friend. i have a job
that i don't hate. i have my own place. i have my pets.
life seems pretty good right now. i know there will always
be rough spots, but now i have wonderful people with which
to confide in. i don't have to find release by writing in
here anymore. i do like it though. it's a good way to
meet people and still a good way to get things out when no
one is around.

there's really nothing on my mind. i guess i just wanted
to let those that may happen to read this thing that i'm
doing great and that i'm still around. i know of at least
one person that cares, and that's enough for me. heather,
i miss talking to you. i hope you're doing ok. i'm doing
great :D.

well, i guess i really should be going. there's lots that
i need to do. take care everyone.


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