This is Growing Up.
2001-07-12 22:31:03 (UTC)

For You

To love you-I壇 never need a reason.
Because it痴 so hard to believe that one
May exist beyond our love
You池e the one when I知 always thinking of

And despite of what they say
That the pain will one day give way
There is a gap in my soul
An emptiness- the deepest hole

Because all the time spent
In your arms-must be heaven sent
I致e learned to open this net
And pray that I値l never regret...

And I致e learned to take the seconds
Away from this never ending time
Let me be taken away and chained
If this is a crime

You helped me see the depths of
That endless blue sky
You unearthed my feet
And helped fly

Because of you I致e unrolled my passions
I致e discovered the significance of a rose
Even your lies and deceptions
Seem like a perfect heavenly prose

Because of you I致e written
More than a hundred songs
I致e replaced words with looks
And forgiven this world痴 every wrong

Because of you I致e learned
A million and one ways to kiss
Ad to spend hours at a time
Thinking of you- it痴 absolute bliss

And because of you I致e learned
To follow my heart and never miss
That golden opportunity- 祖ause of you...
I致e discovered what love is.

And now, because of what has begun
I couldn稚 possibly live one day through
Without your ways, your smiles, your kisses
Your love- you.