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2002-08-15 23:43:03 (UTC)

Episode #2 of the WIERD CONVO!!!!

YUP....another STUPID...yet Funny!! Convo from me and
Phil!! Hope u enjoy this one..LOL!!! MOOOO....MMK?!?!?

WhiteDevil320: just wake up?
WhiteDevil320: i bet u did
LilLatinDork: NO
WhiteDevil320: cuz all u do is sleep
WhiteDevil320: lol
WhiteDevil320: soooo mooooo
WhiteDevil320: dancing cow
LilLatinDork: i just got back from the doctor
WhiteDevil320: lol
LilLatinDork: haha
WhiteDevil320: haha
LilLatinDork: yeah
LilLatinDork: cute huh?
WhiteDevil320: i can do that
WhiteDevil320: ~stands up~
LilLatinDork: lol
WhiteDevil320: ~does the cow dance~
LilLatinDork: go phil
LilLatinDork: ooo la la
WhiteDevil320: ~breaks into the vanella ice dance~
LilLatinDork: ~passes phil a dollar~
LilLatinDork: take it off!!!!!!!!!
LilLatinDork: lol
LilLatinDork: ;-)
WhiteDevil320: im too sexy for my shirt
LilLatinDork: lol
LilLatinDork: hahhaha
WhiteDevil320: i got arrested cuz i was too sexy for my
LilLatinDork: hahahhahhahahhaha
LilLatinDork: really
LilLatinDork: lol
WhiteDevil320: yup
WhiteDevil320: cop was jealous
WhiteDevil320: real jealous
LilLatinDork: i bet
LilLatinDork: lol
WhiteDevil320: he said
WhiteDevil320: im jealous your under arrest
LilLatinDork: ....
WhiteDevil320: i said why
LilLatinDork: hahahhaha
WhiteDevil320: he said for bein too sexy for your shirt
LilLatinDork: hahahhahahaa
WhiteDevil320: i didnt know if i was bein complimented or
LilLatinDork: lol
LilLatinDork: i think u were
LilLatinDork: haha
WhiteDevil320: he slapped the cuffs on and i was like oo
LilLatinDork: lol
LilLatinDork: hahhaha
WhiteDevil320: then i shot him in the face withmy gun
LilLatinDork: LMFAO
WhiteDevil320: ur gonna put dis convo in yuh journal
arencha ?
LilLatinDork: hahha..YEAH!!!
WhiteDevil320: anythin new in there?
LilLatinDork: of course...thats if u want me too??
WhiteDevil320: lol if u wanna doesnt matter to me
LilLatinDork: no nothin new....i think
WhiteDevil320: it would be like episode 2 of the weird convo
LilLatinDork: lol
LilLatinDork: hahahha...yeah
LilLatinDork: hahha
LilLatinDork: thats what im gonna call it
WhiteDevil320: lol
LilLatinDork: but we gotta keep acting alll wierd
WhiteDevil320: yah
WhiteDevil320: DORK!!
LilLatinDork: LOSER!!!
WhiteDevil320: dorkoser!!
LilLatinDork: hahahhahha
LilLatinDork: good one!!
LilLatinDork: MOOO
WhiteDevil320: guess what happend to me today
WhiteDevil320: i went to a photographer
LilLatinDork: what??
LilLatinDork: really
LilLatinDork: wow
LilLatinDork: for what?
WhiteDevil320: and this lady was feelin aLL up on my
WhiteDevil320: shes like ooo they hot
WhiteDevil320: put them out put them out
WhiteDevil320: FIRE!!
LilLatinDork: hahhaha
LilLatinDork: wtf
LilLatinDork: lol
WhiteDevil320: then the photographer couldnt get a good
picture cuz i was sooooooo hot for the camera
WhiteDevil320: hes like
WhiteDevil320: UGH slant your head
WhiteDevil320: chin up
WhiteDevil320: sit straight up
WhiteDevil320: knees to me
LilLatinDork: lol
WhiteDevil320: watch my hand not the camera
LilLatinDork: hahhahah
WhiteDevil320: ok put yuh hand here
WhiteDevil320: and other hand there
LilLatinDork: haha....why did u take pics?
LilLatinDork: haha
WhiteDevil320: ok head tilted
WhiteDevil320: lean foward
WhiteDevil320: PERFECT just like that watch the camera
WhiteDevil320: for some photo shoot
WhiteDevil320: i was bein paid alota money for it
LilLatinDork: ohhh
LilLatinDork: haha
WhiteDevil320: so im like hell ill get a picture of me in
my boxers for it
WhiteDevil320: lol
LilLatinDork: how long did it take that foo to take ur pic
LilLatinDork: haha
WhiteDevil320: i took like 500 diff pictures
WhiteDevil320: lol
WhiteDevil320: diff poses
LilLatinDork: i want a pic
LilLatinDork: haha
WhiteDevil320: took like 2 hrs
LilLatinDork: damn
LilLatinDork: so...like...when are u gonna get these
WhiteDevil320: dunno
LilLatinDork: ohhh..icic
WhiteDevil320: yesh
WhiteDevil320: yesh
WhiteDevil320: yesh
WhiteDevil320: yesh
LilLatinDork: lol
LilLatinDork: so whatcha doin...sexy papa;-)
LilLatinDork: lol
LilLatinDork: ?
LilLatinDork signed off at 7:00:37 PM.
LilLatinDork signed on at 7:04:46 PM.
WhiteDevil320: 'fo
WhiteDevil320: nuttin
WhiteDevil320: u
LilLatinDork: nothin
LilLatinDork: that took u long to answer
WhiteDevil320: yesh
WhiteDevil320: i was beatin the shit outa some black kid in
da street
WhiteDevil320: lol
LilLatinDork: hahha
LilLatinDork: really??
WhiteDevil320: no
WhiteDevil320: lol
LilLatinDork: hahha
LilLatinDork: ok good!!
LilLatinDork: i was abot to say
LilLatinDork: http://www.imaddict.com/survey.php
LilLatinDork: take this survey
LilLatinDork: haha
WhiteDevil320: lol
LilLatinDork: hey
LilLatinDork: are u taking the test?
WhiteDevil320: not yet
LilLatinDork: ohh...hahha
LilLatinDork: :-) or :-)
LilLatinDork: lloll
LilLatinDork: PHIL???!!!
WhiteDevil320: hi
WhiteDevil320: hi
LilLatinDork: OMG....i accidently clicked the X (so that
closed this box)....can u send me our convo
LilLatinDork: hahah
WhiteDevil320: i was settin up a boxin match
LilLatinDork: hahah
LilLatinDork: Thank you....MUAHHHHHH
WhiteDevil320: lol
LilLatinDork: :-D
LilLatinDork: ooo...i took a test to see which smiley i was
and i was this one.....O:-)......boy are they wrong
LilLatinDork: ahahha...if they only knew
LilLatinDork: lol
WhiteDevil320: lol

LOL...So did ya'll like it...of course u did...haha...this
is how we talk...all the time!! Gotta Go. [email protected] LOVE
*MuAhHhHhHs* **BYES**

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