No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-08-15 23:22:51 (UTC)


People can be really freaking rude. I mean really rude. I
was getting a drink today and my teacher asked me to run to
the Media Center and make copies and get things laminated
for her. On my way, there was a class outside the media
center. 2 guys were all whistling and shit when I walked by
and making comments I could have lived without. Then they
freaking FOLLOWED me back to class unitl I turned around
and told them to leave...but not so nicely :D I hate that,
I really do.
This was girl was talking junk about Jess and how she is
prettyer than and better than us etc. I know I'm not
pretty, but I'm prettyer than her by far, and so is my
Jessi. lol. :D I'm gunna go be confused.

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