Reality Bites
2002-08-15 22:24:33 (UTC)

need some control

I definately like things much better when I have the
control going on. My weight is not great still, I still
think I look probably the worst I've ever looked and I
can't wait to loose it all. Unfortunately it doesn't come
off at all durring the day. I really look forward to the
morning when I can weigh myself. Every day I'm a few pounds
lighter and it feels like I'm doing something right.

Last night after practice I went to Rob and Gabes and a
bunch of people were over their saying goodbye to Gabe. He
left this morning for college across the country. I saw a
lot of people I havent seen all summer and some that I
havent seen in a few years so it was really cool. I came
home around 1 and slept until only 9 so I'm hella tired. I
have practice tonight and then *YAY* 3 days off! I'm very
sick of practice right now.

I talked to Luke for like a minute last night--nothin new
to report there. I love him so much it hurts. It literally